Paras One33 – offer Luxury, Pleasant and Leisurely Shopping Experience

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Noida’s modern, multi-storey shopping malls are a shopaholic’s paradise that accommodate every taste, pocket and style. The latest addition to the city’s ‘shopping mall’ is the Paras One33 located in sector 33 Noida developed by Paras group.

This mall is where you’ll find the city’s finest fashion stores, worldwide brands, book shops, specialtystocks, accessories stands and all kinds of luxury designer lifestyle goods. Here, you will not spoiled your choice and find everything of your need. The whole commercial complex is filled with air-condition and offer you a pleasant destination for shopping and alternative to the bustling hot markets. It will give you relaxed and comfortable shopping experience. When you enter into it, do not forget to see the water fountain and fun city available within the complex.

Paras One33 offers the most Luxury, pleasant and leisurely shopping experience of any of the major malls in Delhi NCR thanks to its classy concept of how it presents the items on display. It’s an experience where you will not find in any of the Noida’s Mall.The concept was created with the help of a Japanese design company, Nandi, and the result is very remarkable or extra-ordinary. Each floor is given a general theme and a particular interior decor which makes paras One33, a sort of retail exploration. Here, you can do window shopping as well as treat shopping also at the budgeted price.

The assortment of products here cater mainly to metropolitans and families and you will find lots of bespoke products from companies all over the world. The whole plaza is equipped with famous boutiques, 5-star restaurants, movie theatres and entertainment zone and each person from small child to the senior citizen can enjoy their lovely time in this shopping plaza. Come and enjoy the beauty of the Paras One33 Noida.

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